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The Lighthouse Island 

South Solitary Island located 18km North East of Coffs Harbour, NSW
Child and year unknown

The Opening Ceremony in 1880 - photo donated by Monica Byrnes
 Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia
One of only two lighthouse islands in New South Wales, it is situated approximately 18km from Coffs Harbour.
The buildings were constructed in 1880 and are considered to be the oldest in the area.

The island is not accessible to the public, it is under the care of National Parks & Wildlife.

The lightstation was automated in 1975.

The Head Keepers Quarters and Assistant Keepers Quarters have been adandoned since 1975.

The original lantern is currently housed in the
Coffs Harbour Regional Museum.





Information on this website originates from various sources, in particular NPWS Management Plan, Lighthouses of Australia and the Coffs Harbour Regional Museum, see the links page for all acknowledgements.

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